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Health & Safety Orientation

Every good health and safety program begins with a proper employee orientation. Help is here.

Section 3.23 (1) of the OHS regulations states that “An employer must ensure that before a young or new worker begins work in a workplace, the young or new worker is given health and safety orientation and training specific to that young or new worker’s workplace.”

Orientations are often overlooked by many employers who are anxious to get their new hires doing the job they are paid to do. Far too often, it is assumed that if a new employee already has experience in their industry, they must have received the necessary training to perform their jobs safely. However, you should never assume anything when it comes to safety. For this reason, it is important to conduct a proper orientation with a new worker in order to ensure basic safety practices are understood and followed.

It can be difficult for an employer to know what sorts of things employees need to be aware of before they commence work; employees, in turn, often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information they receive the first day or two on the job.

For this reason, the ARA has created this website and a wealth of information specifically tailored for the automotive industry, including a new Safety Awareness Handbook for Automotive Service Employees.

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