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Supporting OHS Services

The following are some external resources for OHS assistance.

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The following are some external resources for OHS assistance.


Occupational Disability and Claims Management (TeksMed)

TeksMed Services offer an occupational disability and claims management solution that significantly reduces employee absenteeism and mitigates administration, while notably reducing WorkSafeBC costs. ARA members are entitled to a fixed monthly rate, based on the number of employees, regardless of the number of claims. Members will further receive a participation discount, meaning the more members that sign up, the higher the savings.

Webinar: Understanding WorkSafeBC Premiums

A recording of a free webinar
presented by TeksMed Services
on understanding the impact
WorkSafeBC premiums have on
your business and how to
control the costs.

Available on the ARA Training website.

Offer details:

  • ARA members with 1 to 5 employees
  • ARA members with 6 to 15 employees
  • ARA members with 16 to 25 employees
  • ARA members with 26 to 50 employees
  • ARA members with 51 to 100 employees
  • ARA members with greater than 100 employees
    Custom Pricing

Participation Discounts:

  • 21% to 40% ARA member participation
    10% discount
  • 41% to 60% ARA member participation
    15% discount
  • 61%+ ARA member participation
    20% discount

To take advantage of this offer:

Contact: Andrew Zaborski
Phone: 1 877 850-1021
Direct: (604) 703-9850

Employer Advisory Office

The Employers’ Advisory Office provides independent advice, assistance, representation, and education to employers, potential employers, and employer associations concerning workers’ compensation issues under section 94 of the Workers’ Compensation Act.

In fulfilling this mandate, Employers’ Advisors will do the following:

  • Assist and advise employers, potential employers, and employer associations in understanding, working, and complying with WorkSafeBC issues in claims, assessments and prevention.
  • Respond to inquiries about workers’ compensation legislation, decisions, appeals, and related matters in claims, assessments and prevention.
  • Prepare submissions on behalf of employers to WorkSafeBC, Review Division, and Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT), and assist employers in cases involving complex legal, medical, or policy issues.
  • Conduct seminars and public speaking engagements on occupational health and safety issues, prevention, claims management, assessments, and appeals.
  • Consult with WorkSafeBC officials to review and make recommendations to the Policy Department, the Executive, and Board of Directors.

This service is available to all employers or potential employers free of charge.

The employers’ advisor office also offers a number of free educational seminars:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Focus on Assessments
  • Claims Management—Introduction
  • Claims Management—Stay at Work-Return to Work
  • Claims Management—Preparing a Written Submission
  • Claims Management—Preparing for an Oral Hearing
  • Due Diligence for Employers
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Introduction to WCB
  • Introduction to WCB, ESB, CRA
  • Joint OSH Committee Workshop
  • OSH Program Requirements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Small Business and WorkSafeBC
  • Young/New Worker Orientation

For more information, please visit


Peninsula provides small businesses with an affordable alternative to an in-house human resources team through comprehensive around-the-clock HR support that’s custom-tailored to each business. A team of expert advisors helps businesses reclaim their time, by focusing on the areas that pull away business owners’ attention, such as HR, health and safety and employee management. Peninsula is and ideal solution for the smaller ARA members, but also larger businesses can benefit from Peninsula’s contract & documentation creation and revision services, unlimited 24-hour HR advice and healthy & safety systems.

Offer Details:

Peninsula offers ARA members a discount of 5% off the contract value of each individual agreement.

To take advantage of this offer:

Contact: Monica Danielson
Phone: (250) 516-5117

Nucor Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Nucor Environmental Solutions prides itself on applying experience and ingenuity to complex, demanding projects. They provide a wide range of industrial and commercial environmental services, including abatement, emergency response and industrial cleaning.

NOTE: We asked Nucor how they can help our members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their response included an example:

“Let’s say it is a large towing company, and they get word that one of their drivers has been identified as a suspected, or confirmed case. We can decontaminate the truck so it can be put back into service.”