WorkSafeBC’s Guide Helps Reduce Struck-By Incidents

WorkSafeBC has published a new guide and fillable template to help reduce the risk of struck-by incidents at your worksite.

At many workplaces, workers are at risk of being struck by vehicles or mobile equipment such as forklifts, excavators, trucks, and graders. Reducing the risk of workers being struck by vehicles or mobile equipment: Guide to using the fillable template, along with the fillable template, will help you identify where on your worksite, vehicles or mobile equipment operate near workers, so you can eliminate or minimize the risks.

The two resources were created so that you can review locations, tasks, and solutions specific to your worksite. The fillable template has an area to draw your worksite layout and identify where vehicles or mobile equipment operate near workers on foot. Using the template and guide together, you’ll work through factors that contribute to risk and determine the most effective way to reduce the risk, as set out in the hierarchy of controls.

This is a resource that could be used across industries. It’s relevant to auto shops which have had a couple of recent incidents of workers guiding vehicles into bays/on to ramps being struck. It’s also relevant to tow operators who move vehicles around crowded yards.

Text: WorkSafeBC

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